Vinstrat®, the premier advisory firm for wine and drinks enterprises, provides a range of experience-backed, strategically driven advisory services to enable and realise the growth potential of your business. With our head office based in one of Australia’s premium wine regions South Australia, yet a focus on the Asia Pacific region and a global network at its fingertips, Vinstrat® is well equipped to develop wine businesses around the world in practical, efficient and effective ways.

Anthony Barnes, Principal

With an extensive background in the global wine industry in corporate strategy and international commercial operations, Anthony holds and shares a wealth of corporate finance and commercial experience with all of Vinstrat®’s clients. Prior to creating Vinstrat®, Anthony’s passion for the wine industry and tenacity lead him to a variety of executive corporate strategy and commercial roles in global wine businesses in Australia and Asia, through which he successfully led strategic projects in Europe, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Japan. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales and an MBA from Charles Sturt University.


As a boutique and highly specialised consulting firm, Vinstrat® has the distinct advantage of being able to work on a personalised, intimate basis with our clients and firmly become part of your business ‘family’. Our strategic recommendations are steeped in experience and together with our highly practical, pragmatic, pro-active approach, we are a thoroughly reliable partner that keeps you on course towards achieving your growth aspirations.

We value quality over quantity
and work exclusively with the
premier producers.